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. Joy-Con are the primary controller (s) of the Nintendo Switch video game console.

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The Joy-Con Strap Lock. Very simple. .


. Carefully remove the spring that is under. The left Joy Con release button highlighted while the Joy Con is attached to the Joy Con Grip.

Pairing wireless controllers to nintendo switch or switch lite When attached, it also allows the player to more easily press the sl and sr buttons. Mar 7, 2017 1.

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Ensure the slide lock on the Joy-Con.

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. You can also give their support line a call, 1-855-877-9099, to deal with the issue. How to remove a Joy-Con strap that has been attached upside down - Support - Nintendo.

342K subscribers. Dec 27, 2021 How to remove a stuck Joy-Con strap Grab something with a small, flat head like the rounded end of silverware or a very small flat-head screwdriver. 2. For how to detach the Joy-Con controllers from the Joy-Con grip or Joy-Con charging grip. Lift the metal track out of the plastic housing.


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Figure 2.

Ensure the slide lock on the Joy-Con.

The strap should not be next to the trigger buttons.