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Untreated, they can even lead to blindness.

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The computing work, meanwhile, is handled by a nearby neck-worn computer that can be hidden under a shirt and communicates using a proprietary wireless technology.

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Dry, red eyes. Double vision. Even low-energy Bluetooth uses too much power.

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Wearing contact lenses is one of the causes of keratoconus according to a research.


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While using devices will not damage your eyes permanently, staring at them for a long time can cause temporary discomfort. Community Experts online right now.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort by CIBA Vision Alcon 30 lenses.
A recent patent by Sony shows how every element of a computer from a screen to a battery and even a camera can be condensed down to fit in a contact lens.


Take care to avoid contact between your fingernails and the lens.

A contact lens is a thin, soft lens placed directly on the surface of the eyes. Mar 30, 2022 How it works A monochrome green display and a handful of sensors are built into a rigid lens, similar to modern hard contacts. .

Mar 16, 2023 You may need lenses with a different prescription to meet the unique visual demands of computer viewing. Hard contact lenses are made of hard plastic and may take a little extra time to get used to. The main differences I can see between glasses and contact lenses. Computer-infused contact lenses fit in with the sci-fi ethos of the Googlex project. .

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. A computer inside your contact lens allows you to record videos, surf the web, facial and object recognition, and take photos pic.


May 19, 2022 Lenses could "include the ability to self-monitor and track intra-ocular pressure, or glucose," says Rebecca Rojas, instructor of optometric science at Columbia University.



This basically adjusts where the focal point of light entering the eye is, glasses and contact lenses are designed to adjust it so that the focal point of the light lies on the retina.