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Also remember to cover the bare spots with some light soil or compost that will help retain surface moisture until the plants fill in.


From there, they rebuilt the old falling-down fence to give the yard a sturdy barrier. . .

To do this, simply multiply the length by the width.

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Use stakes and string to mark out the course and finished elevation of your path.

Step 9 Use a broom to sweep off any excess joint sand and compact the surface again.

. The excavated section should be deep enough to take in gravel, sand, and the pavers.

A seated patio area in front of the custom built-in fireplace with two black wall trellis' on both sides of the fireplace. Depending on how much space you have, you will need a couple of bags to completely cover the area.

To contour the fabric around curves, make relief cuts along both the outside and inside edges.
Use a shovel to dig deep and get rid of the roots to avoid future growth.


Heres how to lay a garden path with concrete pavers Mark the route of the path with pegs and a line.

. . To break the cycle, Edith and Bobby called in pros (they used Yardzen) to give their yard a full-scale makeover.

. Add the gravel in 2- to 3-inch layers, wet it and run the plate compactor over it. Slope the tubing about 14 in. Low-end. There is a spray on kind, but the can is.

Then, you'll have less cutting to do at the edges.

Continue until you have a 6-inch base. Then add outlets at about 16-ft.

May 13, 2023 Credit Sasha Reiko Photography for Yardzen.


Make gravel your main landscaping material.

Continue until you have a 6-inch base.

Install them in a 2-in.