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Reading to identify meanings of words in context.

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It is part of income that is not spent.

Below are the 2022 social studies lesson notes for jss3 third term week 1. This Lesson Note on Basic Science for JSS2 (third term) covers weekly prepared lesson notes and each of them are rich in classwork, curriculum compliant and syllabus based. Topic Employment.

Meaning and types of marriage Criteria for marriage Benefits of marriage. .

Meaning of drugsubstance abuse- Ways by which people abuse drugs.


i. Road safety club as an agent of socialization.

Living together as one family. 03 Drug trafficking V.

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Science, Technology and the Society II.
Jss2 business studies scheme of work for third term offer you no harm It serves not only the needs of many people to live but also additional features that will.

Business Studies JSS2 First Term Civic Education JSS 2 First Term Computer Science JSS2 First Term Christian Religious Studies JSS2 First Term.

Science, Technology and Society III.

Some Traditional. JSS2 3RD TERM SOCIAL STUDIES SCHEME OF WORK. Feb 19, 2021 - Click to Download Social Studies SOS Scheme of Work for Nigeria Junior Secondary School JSS1-3.

1. Guides students to list the general objectives of social studies. a. Next page. Click Here to Download. .


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Mention the Attributes of Integrity.

Electoral Malpractices.