If he thought of Gu Chenxi as an ignorant young man before, now he has to admit that Gu Chenxi s talent is too powerful.

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a meal eaten in a mess hall by service personnel. 1.

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Mess And A Half Meaning in Urdu is - Urdu Meaning.

Most accurate Urdu meaning of Mess Hall is . 4. mess.

The other meanings are Khana, Ta Aam,.

mess Synonyms mess hall A (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax. . Mess Hall Meaning in English to Urdu is , as written in Urdu and , as written in Roman Urdu.

. Making this awkward mess your presidential announcement is truly a disaster.



informal terms for a difficult situation. BETA.

MESS HALL meaning mess. .

make a mess of or create disorder in.

. . (Urdu) Magyar (Hungarian) (Hindi) Indonesia (Indonesian) Italiano.

Mess hall meanings in Urdu is Mess hall in Urdu. is an Urdu word which meaning in English is "Mess Hall". 4. . You can also find Meaning in English and Translation of to Urdu. Mess Meaning in Urdu.


4. .

A Mess of Greens Southern Gender and Southern Food.

It took years to clean up the mess caused by the oil spill.