DIY Chessboard I made this chessboard in approximately 8 hours.

So, back in 2007, I decided I'd make a friend of mine a chess set for Christmas. 2) Lathe Duplicator.

I used Walnut and Maple for my board but you can use any two contrasting colors.


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Attatch two halves of a piece together.

, If youre making 2-inch squares, cut the 14-inch plywood to about 16. . .

Scott Williams's DIY set turns the game on its side. Simple DIY Chess Board.

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Ordering is easy. With the foam solidified, he cuts out the chess pieces and uses the foam as a mold for his new resin chess set.

Enjoy your chess set.

Scott Williams's DIY set turns the game on its side.

Today I'll be finishing what I started last week by making the playing pieces for.

but with a 50 off coupon we paid around 15. It&39;s made of 3 different types of wood. 0.

3D DIY Chess Board. Special handmade stuff. . 0. We strongly recommend using a light and dark contrasting wood for your chess pieces.


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A circular saws blade is not large enough to cut through the entire 44, so you.

Step 2 Building the Board - Part 1.